Plan Your Retirement


Retirement is different for everyone. With lots of options now available to you from the age of 55 we can provide you with impartial financial advice to help you make the right decisions.

You will have lots of things to consider:

  • When would you like to retire?
  • Can I afford to retire?
  • What would you like to do in your retirement?
  • What will you need in retirement?
  • What amount of sustainable income will you require?
  • What is the best way to manage your pensions?

We offer a full review of your existing pensions:

  • May be under-performing
  • May be inappropriately invested
  • Often have high charges
  • May not allow flexible access
  • What is the best way to manage your pensions?

Pension Freedoms:

Since 2015 the way in which you can access your pensions has changed. Previously people taking benefits from their pension would take a 25% tax-free lump sum and then receive a regular monthly income from the remaining 75% of the fund via either income drawdown or an annuity.

Nowadays there are several ways of taking your pension benefits, but advice is often needed to fully understand the options and know which one (or which combination) is best for you.

Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum

You can take cash withdrawals when you need them from your pension. Normally the first 25% will be tax-free and the rest added to your other income and taxable.

Income Drawdown

You can drawdown from your pension either regularly or on an ad hoc basis


You can use your pension pot to buy a guaranteed income for life

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Paul is very approachable, clear, enthusiastic and well informed. He takes care to adjust the level of his advice to his client and to their changing needs. Transactions are effected promptly and carefully

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I was recommended The Financial Planning Practice by a friend and have now been receiving advice from them for over 20 years, I have in turn recommended them to close friends who I know are wholly satisfied with the service they receive.

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Paul has been our financial advisor for the last 15 years, and has always been extremely responsive, attentive and professional.

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Meticulous in planning advice and attention to detail - Paul takes a comprehensive overview of aspects of financial planning and takes a long term view. He has spotted several potential issues which could have resulted in a loss.

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Paul provides excellent advice across a range of products with an emphasis on long-term planning and minimising cost. He has a broad knowledge and is agnostic as to who the provider is - he looks for the best product or service for the customer.