Our Services to Employers:

We provide a comprehensive pension advisory service for employers.

We can help you select a suitable scheme to set up and help you with the on-going administration. 

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For Employers

Our service includes:

·       Full advice and support in selecting a pension scheme

·       Securing the best terms available with the lowest possible charges

·       Implementation of the scheme

·       Modifying an existing scheme on improved terms

·       Use of salary exchange to keep costs down

·       Full integration with your payroll company

·       Preparation and submission of monthly bills (if required)

·       Group presentations and one-to-one meetings for all new employees (if required)

·       Periodic Review to ensure employers still have the best possible terms

For Employees:

We also place a high priority in assisting employees with their pension arrangements.

Our service includes:

·       Advice in deciding upon the level of contribution required to achieve their retirement objectives

·       A comprehensive attitude to risk assessment and assistance with appropriate fund selection

·       Assistance with regards to the possible consolidation of pension benefits held elsewhere

·       A full ‘Options at Retirement Service’

·       Periodic Review